Native Plant Sources

As California native plants gain in popularity, they are becoming available in more nurseries throughout our region. There are at least a half dozen native plant nurseries that supply plants to home gardeners and landscaping professionals. Local retail nurseries are also supplying more California native plants and many will order them for you if they do not have what you want. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is an excellent source for a great variety of plants during its fall sale (first full weekend in October) and its Grow Native Nursery location:

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Grow Native Nursery Claremont
1500 North College Ave, Claremont, CA 91711-3157
(909) 625-8767 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fall Sale (first full weekend in October) 
Grow Native Nursery, Claremont: Wednesday-Sunday, November through May;
Limited year around sales in the California Garden Shop

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Grow Native Nursery Westwood : CLOSED

A limited selection of plants are also available at the California Garden Shop all year around. The California Native Plant Society (CNPS) has a comprehensive list of statewide native plant sources. The following list provides information on native plant distributors including botanic gardens, societies and retail and wholesale nurseries.

This information is provided as a service and does not constitute an endorsement by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.


Botanic Gardens, Foundations and Societies


California Native Plant Society (Local Chapters)
Local chapters run plant sales


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Ph: (805) 682-4726; Website:
Spring and fall sales, all year in the Garden Growers Nursery


Theodore Payne Foundation
10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352-2126
Ph: (818) 768-1802; Website:


Nonprofit retail California native plant nursery


U.C. Riverside Botanic Gardens University of California
Riverside, Riverside, CA 92521
Ph: (909) 784-6962; Website:
Fall plant sale includes natives


Commercial Wholesale and Retail Native Plant Nurseries


Cal-Native Plants
25735 Garbani Rd., Menifee, CA 92584
Ph: (951) 301-8075
Open to the general public by appointment


Cornflower Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 896, Elk Grove, CA 95759
Ph: (916) 689-1015; Website:


El Nativo Growers, Inc.
Open to the general public only through its website


Forest Farms
990 Tetherow Rd., Williams, OR 97544-9599
Ph: (541)846-7269; Website:


Las Pilitas Nursery
8331 Nelson Way, Escondido, CA 92026
Ph: (760) 749-5930; Website:


Matilija Nursery
8225 Waters Rd, Moorpark, CA 93021
Ph: (805) 523-8604; Website:


Mockingbird Nursery
1670 Jackson St., Riverside, CA 92504
Ph: (951) 780-3571; Website:


Monterey Bay Nursery, Inc.
748 San Miguel Canyon Rd, Royal Oaks, CA 95076
Ph: (831) 724-6361; Website:


Moosa Creek Nursery California Native Plant Nursery
28435 Wilkes Road, Valley Center, CA 92082
Ph: (760) 749-3216; Website:


Mountain States Wholesale Nursery
10020 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85307
Ph: (623) 247-8509 or (800) 840-8509; Website:


Native Sons, Inc.
379 W. El Campo Road, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Ph: (805) 481-5996; Website:


Rancho Soledad Nursery, Inc.
18539 Aliso Canyon Rd., Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067
Ph: (858)756-3717; Website: (For agaves and succulents)


RECON Native Plants, Inc.
1755 Saturn Blvd., San Diego, CA 92154
Ph: (619) 423-2284; Website:


San Marcos Growers
125 South San Marcos Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Ph: (805) 683-1561; Website:


Suncrest Nurseries, Inc.
Ph: (800) 949-5064/ (831) 728-2595 Website:
No retail sales, but site has good photos


Tarweed Nursery and Landscape
Chatsworth Lake, CA
Ph: (818) 888-2318; Website:


Tree of Life
33201 Ortega Hwy, P.O. Box 635, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Ph: (949) 728-0685; Website:


Yerba Buena Nursery
19500 Skyline Blvd., Woodside, CA
Ph: (650) 851-1668; Website:


Commercial Nurseries Carrying Some Native Plants


Armstrong Garden Centers
Check phone directory for local stores Website:


Bellefontaine Nursery
838 Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105
Ph: (626) 796-0747; website


Garrison Foothill Nursery
679 E 16th St., Upland, CA 91784
Ph: (909) 949-9878


Green Thumb Nursery
1019 W San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069
Ph: (760) 744-3822


Persson’s Nursery
3115 E. Sierra Madre Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107-2037
Ph: (626) 792-6073


Roger's Gardens
2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Corona del Mar, California 92625
Ph: (949) 640-5800 or (800) 647-2356; website


Native Bulbs


Bay View Gardens
Joe prefers mail to e-mail. ($3.00 for a catalog.)
The Irises Of Joe Ghio
1201 Bay Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Ph: (831) 423-3656| email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Far West Bulb Farm
14499 Lower Colfax Road. Grass Valley, CA 95945
Ph: (530) 272-4775; Website:


Telos Rare Bulbs
Not open to the public, but site has good information and photos.
P.O. Box 4147, Arcata, CA 95518


Van Engelen Inc. (John Scheepers, Inc.)
23 Tulip Drive, PO 638, Bantam, Connecticut 06750
Ph: (860) 567-8734

Succulent scrub perennial plants of San Martín Island

versión español

Sula Vanderplank & Sergio Mata

Translation: Gonzalo Rodriguez


San Martin Island Isla San Martín is a large cindercone, mostly composed of sharp volcanic lava rock, often with a dense covering of fallose lichens.  There is little soil for most of the island, and the plants of the succulent coastal sage scrub grow amongst the rocks.  There are small areas that constitute dunes and saltmarsh, in the southeastern corner of the island, adjacent to the small natural harbors where fisherman land.  As part of the ongoing floristic study of the broader area, the island checklist is under revision (Vanderplank, Junak & Delgadillo In Prep for Madroño).  More than 100 species in total have been documented on the island; many are annuals with wind-blown seed, or coastally adapted species likely to have arrived via water.

Photocredits: Jorge Ochoa, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Sula Vanderplank

Sunflower Family

Cactus Family

Stonecrop family

Spurge family

Pea family

Four O’clock family

Potato family

Non-perennial plants of note

Loeselia Glandulosa Synonomy

LOESELIA GLANDULOSA (Cav.) G. Don • Clarincillo silvestre (Huehuetenango); Salvia virgen (Escuintla); Orozuz amargo, Salvia morada (Guatemala); Verbena (Chiapas, Mexico)

Hoitzia glandulosa Cav. Icon 4: 45, t. 367. 1797 (1798?). Cantua glandulosa (Cav.) Poir., Encycl. Meth. Bot. Suppl. 2: 80. 1811. Loeselia glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don, Gen. hist. v.4, p.248, 1838 Type - Nee s.n.: Mexico. Inter Actopan et Salvatierra, 1787–1798, (holotype: MA; isotype: F ; see also G-DC, G00135096).
Hoitzia cervantesii Kunth, Nov. Gen. & Sp. vol.3, p.164. 1818. Loeselia cervantesii (Kunth) G. Don, Gen. hist. v.4, p.248, 1838 (1837?). Loeselia glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don subsp. cervantesii (Kunth) Brand, Pflanzenr. IV 250, p.176, 1907. Type - Humboldt & Bonpland s.n.: Amerique equatoriale, (holotype: P).
Hoitzia spicata Willd. in Roem. & Schult. Syst. 4: 370. 1819. Type - no collector identified, Mexico, (holotype: B-W 03741–010).
Hoitzia ramosissima Mart. & Gal., Bull. Acad. Brux. 12: 273. 1845. Loeselia ramosissima (Mart. & Gal.) Walp., Rep. vol. 6. p. 526. 1846. Loeselia glandulosa (Cav.) G. Don var. ramosissima (Mart. & Gal.) Brand, Pflanzenr. IV 250, p.177, 1907. Type - Galeotti 1453: Mexico. Estado Oaxaca, Sierra de Yavezia, 7000 ft., December 1842, (lectotype [Turner 1994]: BR; isolectotype BR, NY).
Hoitzia elata Hook. & Arn., Bot. Beechy’s Voy. Suppl. p.441. 1841. Type - Bates s.n.: Mexico. Near Ciudad Mexico, (type: K?) cited by Brand as a synonym of L. glandulosa, but not mentioned under any of the subspecies or varieties.


Native Plants for Coastal Gardens

Southern California coastal garden conditions are relatively dry (usually less than 15 inches/year) with erratic, unpredictable winter rains, the presence of salt spray, daily breezes and summertime fog, and little chance of freezing temperatures. Plant communities include coastal strand, coastal sage scrub and chaparral. The following list includes plants that can accept winds and salt spray.


Plant Name




Common Name



Achillea millefolium


‘Island Pink’

Agave shawii

Ambronia latifolia

A. maritima

A. umbellate

Artemisia pycnocephala ‘David’s Choice’

Armeria maritima var. californica

Aster chilensis ‘Point St. George’

Coreopsis gigantea

C. maritima

Dudleya brittonii

D. ‘Frank Reinelt’

D. pulverulenta

D. virens ssp. hassei

Erigeron glaucus

Erigeron ‘W.R.’

Eriogonum. latifolium

Eriophyllum nevinii

‘Canyon Silver’

E. staechadifolium

Festuca rubra ‘Jughandle’

F. rubra ‘Patrick’s Point’

Fragaria chiloensis

F. chiloensis ‘Aulon’

Galvezia speciosa ‘Firecracker’

Grindelia camporum

G. stricta var. platyphylla

Iris douglasiana

Juncus patens and cultivars

Lessingia filaginifolia ‘Silver Carpet’

Leymus condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’

Lupinus arboreus

Monardella crispa

M. villosa


Shrubs and Trees

Artemisia californica

A. californica ‘Canyon Gray’

A. californica ‘Montara’

Atriplex lentiformis ssp. breweri

Baccharis pilularis and cultivars

Ceanothus gloriosus

C. gloriosus ‘Anchor Bay’

C. gloriosus ‘Heart’s Desire’

C. griseus

C. griseus ‘Louis Edmunds’

C. griseus var. horizontalis

C. griseus var. horizontalis ‘Yankee Point’

C. hearstiorum

C. maritimus

C. maritimus ‘Frosty Dawn’

C. maritimus ‘Point Sierra’

C. maritimus ‘Popcorn’

C. thyrsiflorus

C. thyrsiflorus ‘Snow Flurry’

C. thyrsiflorus var. repens ‘Taylor’s Blue’

Cercocarpus betuloides

Encelia californica

E. californica ‘El Dorado’

Eriogonum arborescens

E. cinereum

E. fasciculatum ‘Dana Point’

E. giganteum

E. grande var. rubescens

E. latifolium

Garrya elliptica

G. elliptica ‘James Roof’

Heteromeles arbutifolia

H. arbutifolia var. cerina ‘Davis Gold’

Isocoma arborea

Lavatera assurgentiflora

Lavatera ‘Purisima’

Lepechinia calycina ‘Rocky Point’

Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. asplenifolius

Myrica californica

Pinus contorta ssp. contorta

P. radiata

P. torreyana

Prunus ilicifolia var. lyonii

Rhus integrifolia

R. lentii



Calistoga yarrow

Island Pink yarrow

Shaw’s agave

yellow sand-verbena

red sand-verbena

common sand-verbena

David’s Choice sagewort

sea pink

Point St. George aster

tree coreopsis

sea dahlia

Britton’s live forever

Frank Reinelt dudleya

chalk live dudleya


seaside daisy

Wayne Roderick seaside daisy

coast buckwheat

Catalina silver lace

SBBG introduction

seaside wooly sunflower

Jughandle red fescue

Patrick’s Point red fescue

beach strawberry

Aulon beach strawberry

Firecracker bush snapdragon

giant gum-plant


Douglas iris

common rush

Silver Carpet California aster

Canyon Prince giant wild rye

bush lupine

curl-leaf mint

coyote mint




Canyon Gray sagebrush

Montara sagebrush

Brewer’s quail bush

coyote brush

California lilac

Anchor Bay California lilac

Heart’s Desire California lilac

California lilac

Louis Edmunds California lilac

Carmel creeper

Yankee Point Carmel creeper

California lilac

maritime ceanothus

Frosty Dawn ceanothus

Point Sierra ceanothus

Popcorn ceanothus

California lilac

Snow Flurry ceanothus

Taylor’s Blue ceanothus

mountain mahogany

bush sunflower

El Dorado bush sunflower

Santa Cruz Island buckwheat

ashyleaf buckwheat

Dana Point buckwheat

St. Catherine’s lace

red buckwheat

coast buckwheat

coast silk tassel

James Roof silk tassel


Davis Gold toyon

bladder pod

tree mallow

Purisima tree mallow

Rocky Point pitcher sage

fern leaf Catalina ironwood

California wax myrtle

lodge pole pine

Monterey pine

Torrey pine

Catalina cherry

lemonade berry

pink flowering sumac




References Bornstein, Carol, David Fross and Bart O’Brien. 2005. California Native Plants for the Garden. Los Olivos, CA: Cachuma Press.

Brinkmann-Busi, Angelika. “Native Plants of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Suitable for Gardening Use.” Nice list of plants for coastal gardens.

Las Pilitas website, search for coastal sage scrub or coastal strand (if you are very close to the beach),

Lowry, Judith Larner. 1997. “Native Plants for Coastal Gardens.” In Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Occasional Publications, No. 2. Symposium Proceedings. Out of the Wild and Into the Garden II. Ed.. by Bart O’Brien, Lorrae Fuentes and Lydia Newcombe. Pp. 104-111.

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Native Plants for Coastal Gardens with Sandy Soil

Suggestions for gardens with loose sandy soil, strong winds, salt spray. Do not amend soil at planting. Rather, use mulch to gradually build richer, more organic soil. Plants marked with an asterisk will be harder to get established in sandy soil. As your garden develops and soil becomes more enriched, give these a try.


Plant Name




Common Name



Abronia latifolia

Abronia maritima

Achillea millefolium

Armeria maritima

Artemisia pycnocephela ‘David’s Choice’

Aster chilensis

Calystegia soldanella

Camissonia cheiranthifolia



Arctostaphylos edmundsii

Atriplex lentiformis ssp. breweri*

Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis*

Encelia californica*

Eriogonum fasciculatum ‘Dana Point’*

Eriogonum latifolium*

Eriogonum parvifolium* (subshrub)

Eriophyllum nevinii*

Lavatera assurgentiflora (shrub, tree)

Lessingia filaginifolia (subshrub)

Myrica californica*

Rhus integrifolia*

Salvia brandegeei

Salvia leucophylla

Saliva leucophylla 'Point Sal Spreader'



Carex praegracilis

Erigeron glaucus*

Eriogonum cinereum

Eriophyllum staechadifolium var. artemisiaefolium

Erysimum menziesii ssp. concinnum

Fragaria chiloensis

Grindelia stricta var. platyphylla

Leymus condensatus 'Canyon Prince'

Lupinus arboreus

Tanacetum douglasii



Dudleya hassei*


yellow sand verbena

red sand verbena

common yarrow

sea thrift

David’s Choice sandhill sage


shore morning-glory

beach primrose


little Sur manzanita

coastal quailbush

Carmel creeper

bush sunflower

Dana Point buckwheat

coast buckwheat

coastal buckwheat

Nevin’s woolly sunflower

tree mallow

California aster

wax myrtle

lemonade berry

Brandegee sage

purple sage

Point Sal Spreader sage



seaside daisy

ashy leaf buckwheat

Seaside golden yarrow

wall flower

beach strawberry

gum plant

Canyon Prince giant rye grass

bush lupine

western tansy


live forever