Kickstarter: Game of Thorns!

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This fall, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden will unveil "Game of Thorns," an exhibition focused on the art and armaments of botanical warfare. Over the course of millennia, endless duels between native plants and their predators have given rise to the incredible thorns we see today. The exhibit will feature these living fortresses and will showcase the weaponry of California's great botanical "houses" that defend themselves with honor, chief among them: House Agave, House Cactaceae, House Legume, and House Rosa.



Forest of Thorns at night

This project will fund the creation of four unique thorns - one for each of the major houses. We will cast multiple versions of each thorn to create a grove of these gigantic spikes that visitors can explore in the Garden. Real thorns will be 3D scanned, printed at huge magnification and then cast in glass. Each thorn will measure 36" in height and will be lofted off the ground and lit in spectacular fashion! If funded, we can create at least eight of these surreal sculptures!

Help us make Game of Thorns legendary and inspire people to connect with their environment through art. Choose your side on the botanical battlefield! Join a house; sponsor a legend.


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