Kumeyaay Ethnobotany - Author Talk

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Saturday, January 27, 3 pm -5 pm

Please join us for a pleasant, winter afternoon talk by Kumeyaay Ethnobotany author, Michael Wilkin-Robertson!

Shared Heritage of the Californias

For thousands of years, the Kumeyaay people of northern Baja California and
southern California made their homes in the diverse landscapes of the region,
interacting with native plants and continuously refining their botanical
knowledge. Today, many Kumeyaay Indians in the far-flung ranches of Baja
California carry on the traditional knowledge and skills for transforming native
plants into food, medicine, arts, tools, regalia, construction materials, and
ceremonial items.

Kumeyaay Ethnobotany explores the remarkable interdependence between
native peoples and native plants of the Californias through in-depth
descriptions of 47 native plants and their uses, lively narratives, and hundreds
of vivid photographs. It connects the archaeological and historical record with
living cultures and native plant specialists who share their ever-relevant
wisdom for future generations.

Location: East Classroom, with a small, following reception on the Garden Gift Shop porch.

$5.00 Public, $5.00 RSABG Members

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