The Rules of the Game (of Thorns): How plants defend themselves and fight back!


Saturday, March 31, 9 am -12 pm

Just think of it: You're a plant, rooted to the ground, and some hungry animal is headed your way. How do plants "know" when they are under attack, and how do they protect themselves?

In this workshop, Loraine Washburn, PhD, RSABG Laboratory Manager and Conservation Botanist, (and interpreter of the Game of Thorns exhibit), will introduce you to the many ways that plants defend themselves in the face of threats from all kingdoms of life: insects, mammals, fungi, and other plants.

With a special focus on the defenses featured in the Game of Thorns exhibit, this experiential and interactive workshop will invite you to closely examine and contemplate plants both as prey and as defensive living organisms. We will focus first on plants in the exhibit, and then also walk in the Garden to gain appreciation of the many evolutionary pathways that have allowed California native species to defend themselves from their enemies.

$20.00 Public, $15.00 RSABG Members and Students with ID

Please meet at the Game of Thorns Exhibit in the Container Garden. Registration is required.


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If you need special accommodations, please contact Community Education Coordinator, Diana Nightingale at least three days prior to the talk at (909)-625-8767 ext. 251 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.