Cuéllar Awarded CONACyt-IDSCEA Grant

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Fernando Cuéllar


Fernando Cuéllar is a second year Ph.D. student enrolled in the botany program at /Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. His research focuses on reconstructing the evolutionary history of the flowering branches of grasses. Despite the fact that the flowers of grasses are not very showy, there is a lot of variation in how those flowers are arranged on branches. Fernando studies one of the largest grass subfamilies, Chloridoideae, to identify and understand the function of genes responsible for that variation.


Fernando obtained his master’s degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (México) where he studied the phylogeny of a small group of annual grasses in the genus Bouteloua (grama grass) based on morphology and molecular data.


About the CONACyT-IDSCEA grant:

The Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología – Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Sociedad del Conocimiento del Estado de Aguascalientes grant (National Council of Science and Technology – Institute for the Development of the Knowledge Society of the State of Aguascalientes), is a shared effort between the Mexican federal government and the Aguascalientes state government with the aim of supporting researchers from Aguascalientes to pursue graduate studies in recognized educational institutions around the world. Since its formation in 2011, the CONACyT-IDSCEA has granted close to 75 fellowships. With this award, the CONACyT and IDSCEA seek to create a bond between the Mexican research community and the world so that a common scientific language is shared for the development of ideas, creativity and knowledge for the benefit of all.