BCM Foundation Grant Helps Kids Get Outdoor Education

As Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) continues to grow as a leading native plant, ethnobotany and natural history of California resource for educators, k-12 students and families, the BCM Foundation awarded RSABG a $35,000 grant to strengthen and expand environmental education offerings.

“This grant underscores a growing need for environmental education among our state’s schools that would otherwise be unable to afford quality programming,” said Eric Garton, RSABG director of visitor services. “And the children we serve because of this funding stand a far greater chance of being inspired and compelled to become the future environmental stewards.”

The BCM Foundation grant will underwrite environmental education outreach programs for underserved youth living in Pomona Valley and eastern San Gabriel Valley. BCM Foundation, formerly the B.C. McCabe Foundation, is a private foundation located in Whittier, Calif.

Key components of the grant include: an environmental education opportunity fund that will offset the transportation costs for economically disadvantaged students to visit RSABG for field trips and funds to align RSABG’s school tours and program offerings with the State of California’s Education and the Environment Initiative.

Led by trained nature interpreters, RSABG offers walking tours and interactive activity stations that help educate students about the Golden State. Tours and programs convey the importance of native plants, cultures of indigenous people and natural history of California. Designed to engage students through hands-on activities, tours and programs align with the history-social science content standards for California public schools.