Graduate Students

All students in the Claremont Graduate University Botany Department at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden may be reached by calling (909) 625-8767. Their individual extensions are listed below

Noravit "Palm" Chumchim, Doctoral Student, ext. 201

Joy England, Master’s Student, ext. 242

Naomi Fraga, Doctoral Candidate, ext. 231

Forrest Freund, Master's Student, ext. 201

Erika Gardner, Master's Student, ext. 233

Nick Jensen, Master's Student, ext. 201

Melissa Johnson, Doctoral Candidate, ext. 223

Diana Jolles, Doctoral Candidate, ext. 204

Carrie Kiel, Doctoral Student, ext. 223

Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman, Doctoral Student ext. 247

Manuel Lujan, Doctoral Student ext. 217

Sandra Namoff, Doctoral Candidate, ext. 217

Jessica Orozco, Doctoral Student, ext. 266

Tommy Stoughton, Doctoral Candidate, ext. 204 

Andrew Wheeler, Doctoral Candidate

Larissa Yates, Doctoral Student, ext. 223

José Zúñiga, Doctoral Candidate