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Intro to Painting at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden: Materials List

Required Materials for Intro to Painting Students

**Students should bring all material each week even if we will not use**

**Prices may differ as costs for materials varies depending on what brand, when and where you buy them.**


Where to find materials:


-Blicks in Pasadena should have everything you need from the following list.

-Some can be found at Aaron Bro's

-Check these online sources for other (cheaper) options:


Blicks Online at


Jerry’s Artarama at


Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff at


Jack Rarleys Art Suplly at


Some items can be found on amazon at


Must-have Materials:


- Small Unlined Sketch Book - -ex. Strathmore Visual Journals run between $5 - $10

- Lined Notebook - - ex. Mead College Ruled $3 - $5

- Table Easle - - ex. Amazon has a variety of good ones for $10 - $25

- Palette Knife - - ex. Painters Edge #56217 - $4.15 at Cheap Joes

- One plastic jar w/lid - - Recycle an old pickle jar. FREE

- Paper Palette. - IMPORTANT This is your mixing surface - - ex. Grey Matters $6.14 or homemade versions will work

      - (Can be made at home from white formica or use kitchenwax paper or freezer paper). 

- Facial Cleaning Wipes - NOT BABY WIPES - - ex. Walmart brand "Equats" Facial Wipes $5 for two pack

Paper towels (the blue shop towels are very good)

Canvas Boards: OFten found in a 3 pack (recommend, 9x12) - - 3pack ~$10-15

- Linseed Oil or Artist Painting Medium #2 - - ex. Aaron Bro's $6.99

- Drop Cloth - - ex Reuse an old flat sheet, tarp, canvas, or piece of fabric

- 3 Brushes (atleast): 1 Very Small , 1 Medium and 1 Large -- Simply Simmons are great brushes and very affordable. ~$10

           - Make sure they are OIL PAINTING BRUSHES ONLY.


           - Flats or Angle Brushes are both okay.

           - You may also want but don't need, fine point Rounds or Filberts as many sizes as you can buy.


Paints List:


           - Winsor OR Newton Winton Oil Colors are student grade but are the most economical at this point. But you may choose to purchase any (more expensive) non-water soluble oil paints for this class

Paint Colors (1 of each):

- Burnt Sienna - $4.39 37 ml

- Burnt Umber - $4.39 37 ml

- Cobalt Blue - $4.39 37 ml

- Phthalo Blue - $4.39 37 ml

- Permanent Alizarin Crimson - $4.39 37 ml

- Cadmium Red Light - $9.69 37 ml

- Yellow Cadmium Light - $9.69 37 ml

- Lemon Yellow - $4.39 37 ml

- Large Titanium White - $12.29 200 ml


Miscellaneous (not required):

- Pencils

- Pliers

- Eye dropper

- Erasers 

- Pencil sharpeners

- Scissors


 Instrcutor will Supply:

- 4B Drawing pencils 

- Art Gum eraser or kneaded eraser 

- Pencil sharpener 

- Mineral Spirits – NO Turpentine:






- Students should bring all material each week even if we will not use

- Cost for above materials varies depending on what brand, when and where you buy them.

Intro to Painting at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden: Course Syllabus

Intro to Painting at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden: Course Syllabus


This 6 week class is designed for the beginning student who desires to learn the basics of oil painting, as well

as for the intermediate level student who has some knowledge but has either not practiced painting in a while

or forgotten the material. Two paintings will be completed in the 6 week period.


Class will focus on how light affects form, color mixing and harmony, and composition of design. Students will

learn by drawing and painting the beautiful wildflowers at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in their

natural setting and from photos provided by the instructor.


Students will learn how to use brushes as well as a painting knife.


Week 1: Learn about light and form. Learn about using basic colors. Students will learn how to mix 2 separate

blues and 2 browns to create blacks. Sketch the Matillija Poppy on a canvas board in preparation for

painting it on week 3.

Cobalt Blue, Pthalo Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Titanium White will

be required.


Week 2: Learn color mixing, opposites, harmonies, neutrals

Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Pthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Lemon

Yellow will be required


Week 3: Start painting of the Matillija Poppy. Students will learn to apply paint using the “scrub” technique

used by the Masters.


Week 4: Finish painting of the Matillija Poppy


Week 5: Students will start a new painting using the palette knife using Susan Sarback color mixing method.


Week 6: Finish palette knife painting.

Bird List

This list includes the 147 species known to have occurred within Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (elevation approx. 1000 feet) and in immediately adjacent areas, in recent years. 

Key to Symbols

* Known to nest in this area
C: Common. Should see on virtually every visit at the appropriate time of year.
U: Uncommon. Should see on about one-half of visits at the appropriate time of year.
R: Rare. Usually recorded on only about 10% of visits at the appropriate time of year.
A: Accidental. Birds that have been recorded fewer than 5 times in recent years.
Winter: December through February
Spring: March through May
Summer: June through July
Fall: August through November
a: aerial
c: clearings, gardens
d: desert garden
g: on the ground
o: oaks
p: pines and other conifers
r: riparian, ponds, streams
s: shrubs
t: various tall trees