Sarah De Groot

My research interests are generally related to plant taxonomy and biogeography.

  1. Eriastrum (Polemoniacae) taxonomy and biogeography - This project started as a simple revision of the genus with the aim of producing a workable key to the species. However, as often happens, upon a closer look at the forms that occur in nature, it became apparent that the group was not so simple, but rather is in the process of some pretty wild local differentiation or adaptation.
  2. Botanical ‘black holes’, particularly in the Southern California deserts - You might think that Southern California is pretty well explored botanically. After all, it has had several floras written for it, not to mention there have been multiple floras written for the state. However, while the plants along roads and trails are quite well documented, those that occur away from roads and trails are, well, we don’t really know what occurs away from roads and trails. That’s what I’m hoping to find out.
  3. Dr. Robert F. Thorne specimen backlog - I am also working to make labels for Dr. Thorne’s unprocessed plant specimens. This has been an interesting project in that I have seen plants from parts of the world to which I have not been. In the process, I have also learned a great deal of world geography, gained some insights into plant collecting in the late 1950’s, discovered numerous techniques for sleuthing specimen collection information, and realized that the value of other herbarium collections can never be underappreciated.

Selected publications

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