Loeselia Involucrata Synonomy

LOESELIA INVOLUCRATA G. Don  • Guchachile (Baja California Sur, Mexico)

Loeselia involucrata G. Don, Gen. hist. v.4, p.248, 1837.  Phlox involucrata (G. Don) Sesse & Moc., Pl. Nov. Hisp. p. 26. 1888.  Type - Sesse & Moçino s.n.: Mexico: Estado Michoacan, Apatzingan, October, (holotype- MA).  Turner (1994) specifies the type as: Mexico. Estado Nayarit, vicinity of Tepic, 1827-1828, Lay s.n; however, Don (1837) cites only the Sesse & Moçino collection, and according to McVaugh (1993) the type is Sesse & Moç. in herb. Lambert.