Research News March 2010

Graduates Students receive "Outstanding" presentation awards!

This year's California Botanic Society 22nd Annual Student Symposium was held at San jmle State University (Feb 13, 2010). From a total of eight awards made, two of our doctoral students from the Claremont Graduate University Botany Program at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden were acknowledged for their outstanding presentations.

Naomi Fraga, doctoral candidate, presented results to date from her dissertation research on the Mimulus montioides complex of what are commonly called monkeyflowers - a group of plants that have confused taxonomists for years. Naomi is making headway toward 'sorting out' the difficulties of classification associated with this group.

First-year student in the doctoral program, Kristen Hasenstab, presented an overview of her master's degree research on the genus Cryptantha, which involved an extensive study of these small and challenging to identify so-called popcorn flowers that occur in California (and western North and South America). The grad program at RSABG was well represented at the 'Cal Bot Soc' meetings by nine graduate students accompanied by Botany Chair Lucinda McDade and Associate Professor of Botany J. Travis Columbus.

Recent Publications From Plant Scientists

The Fletcher Jones Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at RSABG, Jeffery Morawetz, recently published a paper on the parasitic plant family (Orobanchaceae) that he and colleagues are studying.

Morawetz, J.J., C.P. Randle & A.D. Wolfe. 2010. Phylogenetic relationships within the tropical clade of Orobanchaceae. Taxon 59(2).

RSABG Postdoctoral Fellow, Erin Tripp, has published the following papers on her plant research: Tripp, E.A., J.C. Lendemer, and R.C. Harris. 2010. Resolving the genus Graphina Müll. Arg. in North America: new species, new combinations, and treatments for Acanthothecis, Carbacanthographis, and Diorgyma. The Lichenologist 42: 55-71.

Schmidt-Lebuhn, A. and E.A. Tripp. 2009. Ruellia saccata (Acanthaceae), a new species from Bolivia. Novon 19: 515-519.

Tripp, E.A., T.F. Daniel, J.C. Lendemer, and L.A. McDade. 2009. New molecular and morphological insights prompt transfer of Blechum to Ruellia (Acanthaceae). Taxon 58: 893-906.

Stone, D.E., S.H. Oh, E.A. Tripp, L.E. Ríos, and P.S. Manos. 2009. Natural history, distribution, phylogenetic relationships, and conservation of Central American black walnuts (Juglans sect. Rhysocaryon). Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 136: 1-25.

Doctoral Candidate, Maria Cristina "Cris" Martínez-Habibe, has work that will soon be published:

Daly, D. C., M. C. Martínez-Habibe, A. Weeks, and M. M. Harley. In press. Burseraceae. In K. Kubitzki [ed.], The families and genera of vascular plants. Springer-Verlag, New York.

Daly, D., Neill, D. and M. C. Martínez-Habibe. In press. An ecologically significant new species of Dacryodes from the northern Andes. Studies in neotropical Burseraceae XIV. Brittonia.


RSABG Research Associate honored by Botanical Society of America

RSABG Research Associate, Dr. Norman C. Ellstrand, was honored by the Botanical Society of America as the recipient of the 2009 Merit Award. Dr. Ellstrand is Professor of Genetics at the University of California at Riverside. He is the author of many publications including Dangerous Liaisons? When Cultivated Plants Mate with Their Wild Relatives (Johns Hopkins University Press 2003). Click here to learn more...