Hello from Dublin

Left LA on May 7th arrived in Dublin at about noon May 8th after a sleepless night on the plane.  It was our first trip through Dublin.  We will probably use this route again because it is a direct flight and there is a park in the large airport complex where we were able to take a nice walk prior to dinner.  We will catch a flight in the morning to southern Spain.
There are about 12 species of Iris in Spain with nine of these occurring in the western Andalucia region of southern Spain.  Moraea (Gynandiris) sisyrinchium also occurs in this region.  My goal is to see two of the three section Xiphium species (I. xiphium, I. filifolia, I. juncea), I. planifolia (subgenus Scorpiris), I. subbiflora (section Iris), I. foetidissima (section Limniris) and Moraea sisyrinchium.  Three additional section Iris species, I. germanica, I. belouinii and I. albicans, also occur here but are not known from the wild.  It would be nice to see I. albicans but I am not searching vigorously for it.
This is designed to be a less arduous trip than most because my husband, Clyde, is recuperating from an illness. -May 8, 2007