Hola from Ronda

Flew to Malaga, Spain on May 9th. Typical for me I picked up a tick in Dublin (found it attached during the flight to Spain).  We rented a car and drove northeast to Ronda.  
We stopped to explore several hillsides that were rich in monocots along the way hoping to find Moraea and I. filifolia. We found one plant of Moraea sisyrinchium along a hillside but it was late in the day and we did not explore the area further.  The flowers were bluer than plants we had seen in Syria and had a bright orange color spot on the sepals.  The leaves of plants that were in the shade were unusually long indicating plasticity of form.  Arrived in Ronda at about 8 pm after a long day without meals.  Checked in at a small hotel, ate at a local and not significant bar then went to bed hoping to get on track for the time change. -May 9, 2007