Hola from Grazalema-II

We got up early and found a place to get coffee on the main square and a sweet roll from a nearby pastry shop.  Breakfast is not as important in Spain because a large meal is eaten in the early afternoon.
    With two cups of coffee to wake me up I was ready to search the mountains.  We drove to Benaocaz stopping several times to search likely hillsides.  We saw several single I. xiphium plants on our journey and felt the source was near.  In a meadow we found I. xiphium and many orchids.  The meadow was in full flower.  A [herd?] of pigs joined us for a while on our walk then left us to move further up the slope.  Earlier experience informed me that pigs bite so I gave them lots of room but they were well behaved although curious.  A herd of goats with goat tenders joined us in the meadow but also moved on shortly.  We saw a large eagle overhead, many smaller birds and heard a cuckoo.  
On the drive back we searched in rocky sites along the road for I. planifolia even though it would be past flowering.  We found some plants at a rocky site under oak.  The seedpods were developing.  – May 11, 2007.