Hola from near Nerja

Although Antequera was large we slept well.  Antequera has interesting historical sites but we were just passing through and did not visit them.  Our goal is the high peaks for I. subbiflora then the coastal area where Clyde can view the ocean and we can explore the lower mountains looking for I. filafolia.
We traveled into the mountains near Antequera where we found I. subbiflora.  The mountains are limestone and wind carved into unusual forms.  We traveled on some small roads and found rocky hillsides with the Iris and other small perennials.  Iris subbiflora had just finished flowering here.  The wind was blowing so hard here that it was difficult to stand upright and I was worried our car would be blown over the side.  We traveled further up the mountain to a lookout where we saw tour buses, other cars, Iris flowering and Paeonia.  The area near the top although protected somewhat from the wind was mostly thistles indicating what impact humans can have. There was a visitors center under construction.
    We left the Antequera area traveling on small roads to Nerja.  We stopped several times taking small hikes.  On a rocky slope along the road we found a large population of I. planifolia some of which had fruits just opening.  After spending some time here we traveled on to Nerja and a small hostel just west of town. -May 14, 2007