Hola from Mijas

We drove inland from the coast today stopping for lunch at a small café that was filled with working men.  The food in Spain has not been spectacular possibly because we have been in small towns.  Tapas bars and Spanish restaurants we have frequented outside of Spain have had excellent food.  The pile of French fries that appear after assurances that the potatoes would be roasted has particularly distressed me.  
    In the low hills behind Malaga we hiked on some public lands.  We worried about the safety of the car because the area around the pull off had evidence of vandelism.  We decided to hike for only about 1 hour but after finding an Iris that was past flowering we spent several hours searching the site.  We found a dried flower on the ground near a plant that verified we had found a small population of I. filifolia.  This site was not as disturbed as the areas we searched around Nerja but had quite a few weedy species especially at the base of the hill.  Up the slope there were pines, oak and the small native palm.
    Mijas is another town built on a steep hillside and is in the Sierra de Mijas.  These sites were defendable and the villages are picturesque.  The downside is that finding your way is almost impossible and the narrow, steep streets are hard to maneuver in a modern car.  We parked our car in a no-parking area across from the police station and walked to the tourist office three times for directions to the hostel, each time making it closer to our destination before giving up.  The tourist office was easy to find because it was adjacent to the burro stalls and the noise of the burros guided us.  After finding the hostel we moved the car to a lookout above the city that was near the hostel and carried what we needed for the night down the hill. –May 17, 2007