Ola from Geres

We flew to Porto from Madrid this morning where we rented a car and headed to the Sierra do Geres.  We were not as prepared to travel in Portugal as we were in Spain.  Because we have traveled some in Mexico and South America we know a few words of Spanish and we had a phrase book and an English/Spanish dictionary to help us.  When renting the car in Porto we found that neither Spanish nor English would be understood in Portugal.  We stopped in the first town we came to and bought an English/Portuguese dictionary.
We found a small hotel south of the town of Geres.  Two couples with children are running the small hotel and their family lives are centered around the hotel.  One of the fathers was playing football (soccer) in the parking area with the three boys when we arrived.  Later, one of the boys was working on his homework in the dinning hall with guidance from three of the adults. –May 26, 2008