Hola from near Nerja-II

Our hotel room has a deck that looks over the homes in the area and the Mediterranean.  An English couple is running the hotel and explained that east of Malaga there is a large English expat community while west of Malaga there are German expats.  As far as one can see along the coast and in the hills there is construction underway.  Homes with pools and gardens, row houses and large condominium complexes are represented.  All are brilliant white stucco and have decks looking out to the sea.  There is only one other couple here as the high tourist season begins in June.  Being an English establishment breakfast is available but not until 9:30.
    After breakfast we traveled into the mountains behind Nerja looking for a native area of pines.  We traveled through the area for the entire day but did not see accessible native vegetation.  We shared the roadways with large concrete and flatbed trucks that worked their way up some very steep and narrow tracks.  Being the driver on this trip I was exhausted by the time we returned to the coast.  Clyde questioned whether I had passed physics because I should understand how trucks swing through corners.  Being a passenger was probably quite unnerving. – May 15, 2007