Hola from Grazalema III

On this day after coffee and a sweet roll we left to hike in the mountains to an area with several small drainages and where we hoped to see I. foetidissima.  It was very hot and the slope was steep making me wonder why I was so determined to see this Iris in its native habitat when I could see it at any time in my collection.  After about 2 hours of hiking we saw a draw with deciduous trees and mistletoe (which excited Clyde).  The Viscum was in hawthorne and another small tree.  Under these trees was I. foetidissima.  I spent about an hour photographing the views and Viscum while searching for an Iris that was in flower.  Unfortunately it was still vegetative.  We ate our lunch and then hiked further to see what we might find.  We found a few flowers including Heleborus and some great vistas but eventually decided to head back.  We met a Frenchman on our way down and compared maps and hikes.  Outsiders are so common in Spain that in general we have gone unnoticed.

    We arrived back in Grazalema pleased with our hike.  After a small dinner in a tapas bar we explored the town and found a café with one computer connected to the internet.  We were able to send my mom a mother’s day greeting and a few other short emails before the café emptied and we felt we must leave.  –May 12, 2007.