Hola from Antequera

Last night there were quite a few tourists in Grazalema and a lot of locals.  It was a noisy night even our small hotel.  One man was knocking and calling in the middle of the night for his wife (?) to let him in their room.  Saturday must be the night to party in Spain.  The bar where we get our morning coffee was not full of the usual local men but instead had a few couples with small children.  We packed to head toward Antequera to look for I. subbiflora.  

    We stopped at the Moraea location and explored the area more thoroughly.  We found additional plants in several locations including a nearby viewpoint.  The countryside smelled of newly mown hay and we saw pigs feeding in fenced pastures, something that is not seen in the USA.  Later we read that Iberian Ham is produced from meadow fed, purebred pigs.  They looked very contented and we watched them for quite a while.  There is something intriguing about pigs.  In these meadows there were also Gladiolus and Campanula and an intriguing root parasite along the roadway.  We took the wrong road at some point and had to backtrack for several hours taking the route through El Chorro.  This is an unusual area of caves, rock formations and narrow roadways.
    We found a reasonably priced and quiet hotel in Antequera.  It is mother’s day so Clyde felt we should have a nice dinner.  I was tired and ready for the pizza I saw across the street but walked with him to find a restaurant. –May 13, 2007.