Hola from Mijas-II

Today we hiked on two of the hiking trails that are above Mijas.  One of the trails was traversed by barefoot Monks and had crosses marking the trail.  We did not fully understand the significance of the site but understood that it was used for contemplation.  A small church that is only open on Good Friday is along this trail.  We found a few plants of I. filifolia along these trails in the Sierra de Mijas but they were also past flowering.
In the evening we explored the village looking for potential dinner establishments and a market to buy oranges.  To our surprise we were only about 500 meters from a square we had walked to in the morning but by a much longer route.  The Arabs built villages with labyrinth streets and the Christians added squares.  As a result you walk along very narrow winding streets then suddenly round a corner and find an open square.  There are small businesses hidden in the streets and also surrounding the squares.  We found a market to buy oranges, a bakery where we bought rolls for tomorrow’s lunch and a neighborhood restaurant to return to for dinner.  Bullfighting is popular in Mijas.  The neighborhood restaurants have bullfighting on TV (seemingly around the clock), and there is a large ring and a bullfighting museum in the village. -May 18, 2007