Hola from Tarifa-II

This morning we walked around the town of Tarifa and found a small hotel that we moved to.  Last night we took the first hotel we saw and it was on the large busy square near the waterfront. Much of Tarifa, including the hotel we moved to, is within the walls of a former castle.  The streets within the walls are narrow and maze-like similar to other towns we have stayed in.  A more modern town is found around three sides of the walled town and the strait of Gilbraltar is on the south side.  Unlike other towns we have visited in Spain, young people predominate in Tarifa.  It is a destination for active water sports such as surfing and kite boarding.  Several companies that make boards, sails and clothing are found here.  We saw brands that are popular in the USA and understand that some of these companies originated in Tarifa.
    As soon as we had moved we drove into the surrounding hills and hiked in several areas without finding Iris.  There are natural areas indicated on the map near Tarifa and we will search some of these tomorrow.  We arrived back rather late and although we had eaten only our typical cheese and bread for lunch we were more tired than hungry and shared a sandwich at a local bar for dinner. -May 20, 2007