Hola from Tarifa-IV

Today we decided to take the day off and travel to Tangiers on the ferry.  Clyde was particularly interested in making this trip.  As expected we were approached with some intensity after disembarking from the ferry.  We should have been better prepared for this trip because we paid for a taxi to take us to the old town, which was actually adjacent to the ferry port.  We were taken to the top of the market area so that we only had to walk down later in the day to the ferry.  We mostly drank coffee and watched people during our time there.  We made several short forays into the market area but it was easy to become disoriented so we stayed near the edge.  On one of our trips in we found ourselves on an upper level where ragged, barefoot men were busily spinning cotton and wool and weaving cloth.  It was clear that we were not in the market area but instead in a manufacturing area and the men seemed surprised to see us.  They were in very flimsy sheds along the upper walk sometimes packed into two levels in low sheds.  
    On our way down the hill we saw the Intercontinental Hotel and stepped inside.  Part of it operates as a museum and gift shop.  This is where several movies such as Casablanca were partially filmed.  The gift shop was filled with old and new brassware, pottery, rugs and miscellaneous goods.  We were happy to board the ferry back to our quiet life in Tarifa but were also pleased that we saw Tangiers.  We had dinner at a small place in our neighborhood where the young owner told us he traveled to the market in Tangiers several times a year to buy spices. -May 22, 2007