Hola from Madrid

We traveled for six hours by bus from Malaga to Madrid today.  When we arrived in Madrid we traveled by the metro system to the airport.  Madrid has an extensive metro train system that was crowded but easy to maneuver.  We had been warned to watch our luggage closely in the metro system and with the crush of people we were careful.  From the airport we caught a complementary bus to a nearby hotel where I had booked a room over the internet.  The hotel was upscale and we enjoyed some luxury at a good price.  We had an unusual dinner of very thinly sliced Iberian ham, a local smoked cheese and pears soaked in port.  The Iberian ham tasted lightly cured and very fresh.  I thought briefly of trichinosis.
We consider our time in Spain successful.  We are leaving having seen Moraea sisyrinchium, I. xiphium, I. filifolia, I. foetidissima, I. planifolia, I. subbiflora and I. albicans.  We have also learned enough of the language to get by.  Unfortunately we did not find the yellow I. juncea.  –May 25, 2007