Ola from Geres-III

Today we left early to hike into the mountains.  Our trail appeared to be an old roman road based on the large stones that were carefully cut and placed along the road.  It was also used during WWII when metals were mined in the mountains.  We were told to be careful if we traveled near the end of the trail because there are air vents for the mines that are now overgrown with vegetation.  

    We searched rocky areas with mountain vegetation of cushion plants and heath for I. bossieri.  We saw a root parasite and several other interesting plants indicating that there was some relatively undisturbed vegetation.  After about 5 hours of searching we found I. boissieri.  There were about 10 plants in the immediate area and more scattered around.  We ate our lunch of cheese and bread then photographed.  We considered hiking further as the species has a fairly broad elevational range and we were interested in seeing additional populations.  We decided to hike back because we were uncertain how far we had come. –May 28, 2007