Ola from Camp de Geres

This morning we checked on the cost of returning early to Claremont but the fees associated with changing our tickets preclude our early return.  We will fly to Dublin on June 2nd and then leave for Claremont on the 6th.
Today we checked out the Roman road that runs through the area.  It was evidently a military road from Braga in Portugal to Astorga in northern Spain.  Portions of the road are still intact complete with mileposts.  Some of the mileposts are along currently used roads while others are below or above current roads.  We did not find it that easy to determine the route of the old road but managed to find most of the sites indicated on a tourist map that was in Portugese.  We had planned to travel to Porto today but it was late in the day when we finished hiking around so we stayed at a hotel just a short distance from our earlier one.  In the summer this hotel would be quite nice because there are gardens and a pool. –May 30, 2007