Merhaba from Bigadic 5/14/11

Today we traveled through some low mountains (again in the Ulu Dagi).  Along the road on a rocky embankment I spotted some Iris.  The Iris plants were about 10 cm and yellow flowered.  I assumed they were I. attica because it is known from some sites south of here but it keyed out to I. suaveolens due to its floral tube that was ~4.2 cm, keeled bracts, and two flowers.  Nearby was a second population that had a noticeable chevron of blue on the sepals and a tinge of blue along the upper margins of the bracts.  It was a great find, as the species has not been previously reported from this area. We spent several hours photographing and documenting the extent of the species before heading on to Bigadic  (Balikesir district) where we spent the night at a small Pansiyon associated with a bakery.  We had quite a nice room that was newly tiled and painted.