Merhaba from Orhaneli 5/13/11


We traveled by ferry across the Sea of Marmara to Yalova.  We arranged ahead for a car rental from Bursa and were picked up at the ferry station for the drive to Bursa to complete the paperwork.  We left Bursa in the late afternoon traveling south toward Balikesir because Iris attica occurs in that district south of the town of Balikesir (districts are named after the prominent town of the region).  Because of the late start we only made it to Orhaneli.  The area is in the Ulu Dagi (Mountains). Our goal tomorrow is to make be south of Balikesir near the town of Bigadic.


For this western region of Marmara we have two areas we will look in.  One is south of Bursa where I. attica  (Balikesir district) and I. purpureobracteata (northern Denizli district) occur and the other is west of Bursa where I. suaveolens (Canakkale district) occurs.