Key to species Loeselia

1. Corolla 20–30 mm long, the lobes 12–22 mm long…(2)

2. Corolla white or cream-colored, the lobes spreading…(3)

3. Cauline leaves broadly lance-ovate, acuminate, 3-9 cm long, sessile and somewhat clasping, grey-green; corolla lobes minutely ciliate, vasculature lacking anastomoses… L. grandiflora Standl.

3' Cauline leaves linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, acute, 1.5–3.2 cm long, distinctly petiolate, bright green, corolla lobes long ciliate, vasculature usually with anastomoses… L. spectabilis J.M. Porter & V.W. Steinm.

2' Corolla bright to pale yellow, the lobes erect, held together by tangled floccose hairs, forming a pseudo-tube… L. rzedowskii McVaugh

1' Corolla 8–22(30) mm long, if greater than 20 mm then the lobes 3.5–10 mm long…(4)

4. Inflorescence bracts all closely appressed, chartaceous in texture, straw-colored, tinged with purple… L. purpusii Brandeg.

4' Inflorescence bracts loose to clustered, only the inner-most appressed, outer bracts herbaceous, sometimes fenestrate (i.e., membranous between veins), green, sometimes purple…(5)

5. Trichomes of inflorescence generally glandular (eglandular in some races of L. glandulosa); leaves and branches alternate; leaf margins green; largest bracts elliptic or ± lanceolate, and bract length >2-10× width…(6)

6. Largest bracts with spreading lobules or coarse teeth, or if finely serrate, then only above middle and the membranous areoles roundish; corolla lobes lavender, often with purple spots or marks near base…(7)

7. Pedicels 20-40 mm long, ascending but geniculate (bent) at summit, with cymules ± horizontal, located distally on branches; bracts numerous, closely spaced beneath flower; largest bracts narrowly lanceolate, finely serrate above middle; flowers 1 per cymule…4. L. pumila (Mart. & Gal.) Walp.

7' Pedicels 4-6 mm long, not geniculate, cymules axillary and ascending, scattered along the stem; bracts few, loosely spaced; largest bracts broadly lanceolate and coarsely toothed; flowers several per cymule.

8. Inflorescence bracts linear to linear-lanceolate; calyx length 3.5–4.5 mm, the lobes entire; ovary 1–1.5 mm…5. L. tancitaroensis J.M. Porter & V.W. Steinm.

8. Inflorescence bracts lanceolate to ovate; calyx length 4.5–6 mm, the lobes 3-toothed; ovary 2–2.5 mm…6. L. rupestris Benth.

6' Largest bracts unlobed but finely serrate throughout, the membranous areoles longer than wide; corolla color as above, or red or rarely yellow…(9)

9. Corolla 17-30 mm long, red, with or without paler spots in the throat, rarely yellow or white, lobes lanceolate…L. mexicana (Lam.) Brand

9' Corolla 8-22 mm long, lavender to pinkish, blue-violet or white, generally with purple spots or marks in the throat, lobes spatulate… L. glandulosa (Cav,.) G. Don

5' Trichomes of inflorescence eglandular; leaves and branches opposite or alternate or mixed; leaf margins white; largest bracts ±ovate, and bract length ca. 1 × width (bract length sometimes >1× width in L. caerulea)…(10)

10. Bract margins generally lacking setae between teeth; lower leaves evenly serrate, not biserrate; upper leaves ± like the lower, not bract-like; filaments puberulent or ciliate near base…(11)

11. Cymules narrowly obovoid to somewhat broader in fruit; outer bracts completely fenestrate; bracts elliptic to ovate, teeth ascending, finely spinescent, spines to 0.5 mm long; corolla lobes gradually tapered to base, not clawed; upper leaves alternate… L. caerulea (Cav.) G. Don

11' Cymules ± spheric; outer bracts partly fenestrate, i.e., membranous between veins in lower 2/3rds, not to apex; bracts broadly ovate, teeth spreading, aristate, with awns 1-3 mm long; corolla lobes with definite claw; upper leaves mostly opposite… L. greggii S. Wats.

10' Bract margins generally bearing setae between teeth; lower leaves unevenly serrate or ±biserrate; upper leaves often different from the lower, becoming bract-like; filaments glabrous…(12)

12. Outer bracts puberulent on the abaxial side; corolla blue-violet, unspotted; S. Baja California; NW Mexico, on lower W slope of Sierra Madre Occidental and del Sur… L. involucrata G. Don

12' Outer bracts glabrous; corolla generally yellow or cream, spotted or unspotted…(13)

13. Corolla unspotted; anthers yellow; major floral bracts numerous (> 5), closely imbricate; peduncle generally naked below, devoid of bracts or nearly so; upper cauline leaves petiolate, cuneate, puberulent. E, S Mexico to Centr Am… L. ciliata L.

13' Corolla spotted red or purple; anthers blue or purple; major floral bracts few (ca. 5), clasping at base, spreading above; peduncle bearing several to numerous, well-spaced bracts; upper cauline leaves sessile, cordate, glabrous. S and W Mexico…(14)

14. Lower and upper branches and leaves opposite; bracts of peduncle opposite; corolla throat glabrous or sparsely glandular pubescent, the lobes glabrous; sinuses of lobes all at same level… L. cordifolia Hemsl. & Rose

14' Lower branches and leaves opposite, the upper alternate; bracts of peduncle alternate; corolla throat and lobes pubescent; sinuses of lobes at several different levels… L. amplectens  (Hook. & Arn.) Benth. (including L. hintoniorum B.L. Turner)