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Two-hour Programs
Two-hour RSABG school programsWalking tours led by nature interpreters with activity stations on Thursdays and Fridays at 9:30 am.

Two-hour RSABG school programs include Adaptation and Survival, Native Partners and Web of Life. Programs include hands-on activity stations and a tour through California native plant collections. Cost: $5 per person (teachers free). Minimum 20 paid participants, maximum 80 students.

 Adaptation and Survival: A Bird's Eye View
This program helps students examine inherited traits (feathers, bones, beaks, feet) and behaviors (flying, nesting, feeding) that enable birds to survive in diverse habitats. A walk through the Garden offers views of numerous native and migratory bird species and taxidermy displays offer students an opportunity to study and compare physical features of birds up close. Third grade: Addresses life science standards for third grade

Native Partners: California Plants and California Indians
California Indians have had a complex understanding of their environment that was historically critical to their survival. Today, Native Indians living in California continue to practice traditions and customs handed down through many generations. Participating in activities that demonstrate how California Indians selected, gathered, prepared and used a variety of native plants for food, tools, medicine and basketry, students can learn valuable lessons about living with the land. This program augments social studies curriculum on California Indians for third and fourth grade.

Check-out Kits Available - Native Partners: Indian Uses of Native Plants $40 for a two-week loan period. Two-box set includes display materials, an artifact matching game and instructional materials. Recommended for use in tandem with the Native Partners Program. Available by reservation only.

Web of Life: The Study of Ecological Relationships and Diversity of Life
Many species of plants and animals living in the Garden are involved in complex ecological relationships. Students will investigate relationships between specialized creatures that inhabit various ecosystems. Hands-on activities include a pond water pollution experiment and owl pellet dissection. Fourth through sixth grades: This program focuses on food webs, energy flow and interdependence among living organisms.

SCHEDULING a school tour

Reservations for each month close the 1st of the previous month. For example, Oct. reservations must be made by Sept. 1. Tours and programs are conducted rain or shine. Dress appropriately for variable weather. Please carry water. Two adults per 10 students required. Payment$5 per person (students and adult chaperones). 10 percent discount if tour fee total is prepaid. Payment due 30 days in advance of tour date. Cash, check or major credit card only. Purchase orders not accepted. Cancellation and Refund Policy: With at least 31-day notice, refund less 10 percent of total reservation fee. With 30-day notice or less, refund less 25 percent of total reservation fee. No refunds for participants who do not show. Refund requests must be submitted in writing.