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The Garden produces, hosts and curates exhibitions that explore the intersections of art and nature - celebrating and revealing connections in our larger community and environment.

All exhibitions are free with general admission. Exhibitions in our Container Garden are open during regular Garden hours, 8 am - 5 pm daily. Art Gallery hours are 10 am - 4 pm. Check out our events page for exhibition-related programs, from receptions, artist talks, festivals and more. We also offer workshops and classes centered around our exhibitions. You can see what's coming up on our classes page.

Pressed in Time: Botanical Windows on a Changing World

August 9, 2019


October 27, 2019

Art Gallery

This exhibition illuminates the remarkable and invaluable plant collections of ten famous botanists of the 20th century. These plant specimens were collected between 40 and 115 years ago and contribute to our botanical understanding of the area in which these adventurous scientists worked. Unseen for decades, the collections are an enduring record of plant life in biodiversity hotspots, places where an amazing variety of life are threatened by environmental challenges. While most of these regions have been thoroughly explored since the time that these collectors were active, some of the areas are still not completely known. Support from the National Science Foundation enabled the RSABG Herbarium to curate these botanical treasures, once hidden from the world and now accessible for crucial research and study.

At Botany's Edge: The Journeys & Discoveries of RSABG Graduate Students

June 24, 2019


September 22, 2019

Container Garden

Everyday, research expands our knowledge of plants and reveals the stories they have to tell - graduate students at RSABG work to uncover these secrets and piece together a fuller, richer picture of our botanical world. Explore plants through the eyes of these adventurous students and learn about their remarkable journeys and discoveries. This outdoor exhibition showcases these students and living plants that they study.

Gardens Across America - United States Botanic Garden

May 24, 2019


October 1, 2019

United States Botanic Garden

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden was honored to be included as one of 21 public gardens featured in the United States Botanic Garden's (USBG) Gardens Across America exhibition. The exhibit showcases gardens from across the United States through vignettes created by each garden that display plants and items that illustrate the gardens' stories.

Our display showcases the Golden State’s remarkable botanical diversity and California style, using the Pacific Coast Highway as a theme. This iconic and superlatively scenic route that connects our vast state, spanning over 650 miles, takes one on a botanical journey through California’s incredible landscapes and plant communities. From towering redwoods to windswept pines, hillsides of golden poppies to majestic oaks, the enchantment of California flora is matched by a visual odyssey through California cultural style.

Following Gardens Across America at USBG, the exhibit will return to RSABG and be featured as an outdoor show on the famous plants and landscapes of the PCH.