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The Research Department hosts a seminar series that feature speakers on a wide range of topics in evolutionary biology and ecology.

The Friday Seminar Series for spring 2019 is listed below. Seminars are open to all and held Fridays at 4 pm during the semester, unless otherwise noted. Please check in at the Kiosk and tell admissions staff that you are here for the seminar. You will be admitted at no charge. Out of respect for seminar speakers and to limit disruptions, guests of the Botany Seminar Series will not be admitted to the Garden after 4:10 pm. 

Kane Keller, Ph.D.

California State University, Bakersfield




My research uses an integrative approach to explore how ecological and evolutionary processes influence population and community patterns. I am interested in the mechanisms by which positive species interactions and intraspecific variation in traits related to species interactions can impact population and community dynamics and co-evolutionary relationships. For my dissertation, I am studying how mutualisms and intraspecific genetic variation in both partners influence plant community diversity and composition. Specifically, I am currently exploring how the mutualism between the legume Chamaecrista fasciculata and nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria influence the establishment of other species, and how intraspecific genetic variation within both mutualist partners influences species interactions and community dynamics.

Adam Schneider, Ph.D.

Hendrix College




Adam Schneider completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto and is currently an Assistant Professor of Botany and the Herbarium Director at Hendrix College. He studies the ecology and evolution of parasitic plants. His dissertation was entitled "Evolutionary shifts associated with substrate endemism in the western American flora."

fran lehman

Botany Program Coordinator

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