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School Tours & Programs are booked for the remainder of the 2018/19 school year. If you are interested in a tour or program for 2019/20, please attend our Teacher Open House on August 10, 2019 from 9 am - 12 pm. To RSVP, please contact the Registrar at or by calling (909) 625-8767 x224
One-hour Tours
An Hour of Guided Exploration
Walking tours are led by nature interpreters on Tuesdays at 9:30 and 10 a.m.
Cost: $5 per person (teachers free). Minimum 10 paid participants. Free bus parking.

Eye Spy | Transitional Kindergarten
Minds on! Hands on! Search for special plants and animals that inhabit this area. Identify the needs of all living things that live in unique places.
Download Transitional Kindergarten Overview.
Download NGSS Transitional Kindergarten.

Who Lives Here? | Kindergarten
Follow the flow of energy from the shining Sun to a squawking scrub jay. Evaluate evidence of ways plants, animals and humans affect their surroundings.
Download Kindergarten Overview.
Download NGSS Kindergarten.

How Does the Garden Grow? | 1st Grade
Learn about plant and animal life cycles and how offspring can differ in appearance from adults.
Download Grade 1 Overivew.
Download NGSS Grade 1.

Diversity University | 2nd Grade
Compare the diversity of life within California’s unique habitats. Uncover the important resources that help plants and animals thrive and survive.
Download Grade 2 Overview.
Download NGSS Grade 2.

Origami in the Garden² | K-12 Options
This Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards tour will provide your students an adventure through the larger-than-life artworks of Origam in the Garden², a blockbuster exhibition running October 20, 2018 through April 14, 2019 at the Garden. The tour will utilize different sculptures to speak to artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing and connections, relationships and applications. After experiencing the sculptures, students will get to make origami-themed art!

Reservations for each month close the 1st of the previous month. For example, Oct. reservations must be made by Sept. 1. Tours and programs are conducted rain or shine. Dress appropriately for variable weather. Please carry water. Two adults per 10 students required. Payment$5 per person (students and adult chaperones). 10 percent discount if tour fee total is prepaid. Payment due 30 days in advance of tour date. Cash, check or major credit card only. Purchase orders not accepted. Cancellation and Refund Policy: With at least 31-day notice, refund less 10 percent of total reservation fee. With 30-day notice or less, refund less 25 percent of total reservation fee. No refunds for participants who do not show. Refund requests must be submitted in writing.